Did you know there is a unique language that helps to unlock the powers within you so that you can bring out the best in you?

You came into this world full of starlight and stardust to live out your soul purpose, and this language guides you directly to your purpose, teaching you how to use your energy in the way in which it was designed. Think of it as your soul curriculum!

Human Design is a way for you to unlock your super powers and discover that amazing life you are here to rock! It is a holistic way to explore your unique energy. As part of my holistic coaching business, this is one of the main tools that I use in helping you to understand who you are, what lessons you are here to learn and how to master your energy so that you can use it as a guide in your life. Self care is super important but many of us don’t even know where to begin. This is a life changing tool that teaches you all about you from the inside out! You can’t go wrong by investing in yourself.

Human Design was discovered in 1987 by Ra Uru Hu (Alan Robert Krakower) after an 8 day/night mystical experience.  Human design is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences and includes elements from Eastern and Western Astrology, Chinese Rave I’Ching, Jewish Kabbalah, Hindu Chakra System and Quantum Physics connecting science to spirituality to identify your unique energy blueprint and unlock your magic. Human Design breaks your energies down into the nine centers, 36 channels, 64 gates/hexagrams and 6 lines based on planetary imprints derived by the neutrinos that were imprinted into your soul at your time of birth (as well as 88 days before your birth)-your Human Design is your soul’s DNA!  Each element in your chart contains a lesson and has a high and a low expression which will help guide you to work towards living in the highest expression of your energy.  Once you understand the energies and how they impact and effect you, you will be able to use your unique design to help you level up not just your happiness but your manifestations also. Understanding these energies that you embody helps you to differentiate yourself from others and helps you to align with your true self, make and maintain healthy relationships both with yourself and with others, decondition those thought processes that are not serving you, understand your patterns, practice self-love, gain confidence, keep a positive mindset and unlock your true potential.  It is the key to releasing your magic sparkle. This process reconnects you with your higher self so that you can tap into and honor who you really are. Unlock your soul’s purpose, activate greater vitality and unleash your inner beauty to live the happy, vibrant life that you are here to live.

Everyone has a unique energy blueprint that defines how they were designed to play the game of life on earth. The Human Design System breaks this down showing you areas where you may have thought you were a victim but they were really life lessons given to you to master. Human Design teaches you how to recognize these when they come up and learn how to navigate them, finally freeing yourself from the pain they have brought you in the past. Understanding your HD shows you the energies you have  within your body. Each energy center, gate, channel and circuit will impact certain areas of your life. The tools acquired through learning your design help you to understand who you are on a cellular level and transform your life into your dream life. Imagine softly gliding through a blissful life instead of riding the rollercoaster of life chugging up the same hills over and over again wondering when it will end.
Your energy is the pathway to fulfilling your full potential and manifesting your dream life and HD is the tool you need to unlock that energy to understand what you are here to contribute to the world.
This is your design so you can determine what resonates and leave behind what doesn’t. You can experiment with the tools and use them to tweak any areas in your life that you want.

Understanding your design is only a small part of this process. To break free from limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, it requires you to do some difficult inner child work. Looking at conditionings and working on clearing those as well as digging deep into your soul to know what your desires are on the deepest of levels. This system gives you the tools you need to understand your gifts, your drive, your wisdom and your vulnerabilities. It can help you learn to love yourself on the deepest of levels and free you from limiting beliefs, self-defeating patterns and judgment of self and others. It has the potential to bring you to the life you always dreamed of. It is a system that is designed to help you to understand the deeper level inner workings of you so it isn’t a system that you learn and forget about. It is a system that you learn to continue to dig deeper into yourself. It supports you in your growth and development and in getting to live out your life and soul purpose. It is a process whereby you must be willing to be 100% completely honest with yourself. 

It is through this process that we find ourselves. Imagine finally understanding why all those events have occurred in your life and being able to use them to catalyze your growth-turning that pain into power? This system helps you to understand the why behind life!  

I like to call this the happiness tool because it teaches you how to prioritize the right skills, put them into practice and make progress and it teaches you how to create the shortcuts to the skills that help to create happiness-mindfulness, gratitude, positivity, resilience!

Each area of your energy tells you something different about your life. Your energy is unique to you and there are no two humans that will experience life the exact same way as you!

Energy Type -tells the role you are here to play. Defines the strategy that works best for you in interacting with others.

Strategy -tells the best way for you to make decisions in the world.

Authority -influences how you use your strategy. Gives you insight on how you will feel your energy and your energy is your guiding force in life.

Profile -highlights the theme of how you learn. How you approach life. Can help you to understand those inner conflicts you may have felt in your life.

Energy Centers -Each center is responsible for manifesting specific energy. Defined areas have consistent access to this energy and undefined centers borrow energy from others and when it is borrowed it is amplified so there are times, what you are feeling is not even yours!

Gates -Each gate represents different energetic themes that will play out in your life and relationships. This energy can also guide you to understanding your intuition so that you can use it to help you make important decisions.

Channels -When the energy of two gates connects, it creates a channel. If only half the channel is highlighted (one of those two gates), it signifies a lesson that will be experienced through other people (transpersonal karma). When the entire channel is highlighted, the energy of that lesson will likely be experienced within you (personal karma).

When you operate against your unique energies, you experience resistance which can cause mental and physical illness, burnout, fatigue and added stress on your body. Knowing your unique language (aka your human design) will help you to know when you are out of alignment with your design and where your greatest opportunities for wisdom are . It gives you the tools you need to understand and break patterns of self sabotage and conditioning, learn to love yourself,  help reduce stress, navigate life’s lessons and begin working on aligning with your life and soul purpose. Once you live in alignment with your unique design, life just unfolds perfectly for you!